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Isolated Power Supply System

Isolated Power Supplies (IPS) provide safe electrical power for patients and clinical staff in the high care areas of a hospital. They also alert the staff of surgical, monitoring and other equipment faults and provide continuity of supply when correctly integrated with an appropriate UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply).


Biocline is the Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao) distributor for Starkstrom and have many years of experience in providing Power Protection Solutions to the sector.


Starkstrom is a UK headquartered company founded in 1971 which initially specialized in designing and building control panel equipment. Since 1995, Starkstrom has specialised in the design, manufacture and servicing of Medical IT Systems (IPS/UPS). All of Starkstrom’s IPS systems are designed, manufactured/assembled in the UK.

Contact us by email or phone and a specialist will be pleased to provide further information and pricing.

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